Hi there, my name is Steven Fogg. I’m a follower of Jesus. Husband. Dad to three wonderful kids. I’ve been a graphic designer, Creative Director, Church Communications Director, Church Online Pastor and I’m now back in the marketplace leading in a marketing team. You can check out my blog at stevefogg.com

Why I Created This Website

One of the consistent themes I see is just how badly we as churches represent ourselves online with our church website. Our church websites are the digital front porch to our church. In some cases it’s the first impression we give to our potential visitors. The websites should be a wonderfully designed expression of our community. But so often are the last thought, even though they are often the first thing potential visitors see.

The goal of this site it to help shift that dial. Improve the design, copywriting, code, clearer communication, video and last, but by no means least, functionality.

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