It’s not often you get to interview a living legend. I’ve known Darrel for quite a few years through the interwebs. And Darrel has always inspired me to lift my own game when it comes to communications.

Introduce yourself and tell us about you are your role at your church

My name is Darrel Girardier. I run the creative and digital for Brentwood Baptist Church in Brentwood, TN.

How many people are involved in your team and the website?

We have seven people on my team. Three of which are focused on web development.

What platform is your website built on?

Expression Engine.

What made you choose that platform?

At the time it was the only stable platform that could handle multi-site installations for what we needed. (We’re a multi-site church.)

What are the advantages of the platform now you are using it? What do you love about it. 

It’s really stable. However, we don’t love it. We’ll be switching to WordPress this summer.

What do you host it on?


What are the challenges of the platform now you are using?

We’ve outgrown the platform. We installed when we had only three campuses. Now we have eight, so it’s time to start from scratch.

If there is one thing you would change, what would it be?

It needs a broader development culture. There aren’t enough people using the platform.

Any special features/highlights you want to tell us about?

We’ve got it pretty much locked down so staff cannot really alter the design which helps us avoid some major headaches. We also integrated with our CHMS (Ministry Platform) so groups and service opportunities are synced with the website.

Share about the design process. How did you come to where you are now designwise?

Our previous design was every early 2000’s. So we had to strip everything back. Then we did a lot research into our analytics to see where people were actually clicking. From there we made our design decisions.

Check out the great design on Darrel’s Easter website

What is the favourite part of your church website?

Our location finder.

If there was one tip you could give another person who is updating/creating a church website, what would it be?

Don’t use a proprietary platform from an agency. Get something you can get your data in and out of (i.e. WordPress).

Where can people find you online? What is your website address? and my church