Easter At Hillsong Church isn’t a simple affair. In case you missed the news, Hillsong is growing at a movemental rate. New campuses popping up everywhere. Which is amazing. It is now a denomination in all but a name.

From what I can find, most Hillsong campuses are running along the same Easter branding theme that by now most of us will recognise. The Cross Equals Love.

However, Hillsong isn’t a monolith church. It appears that they allow for different creative expressions for significant seasons like Easter.

Hillsong London has done something different which looks great!

Aside from Hillsong London, one of the challenges content wise on the websiteis that most of the content is obviously centrally driven and the only context related to a local service is very, very brief. Which can mean that any uniqueness from the localisation is lost.

Check it out on the Hillsong London website here.

I also recently interviewed Jay Argaet who is the Communications Director for Hillsong Church about the Cross Equals Love Easter campaign and the story behind it. I’ll post a link once it’s up here.