The first ever featured church website on the best church websites is Website Menlo Church from California.

I love the messaging on the site. ‘Everybody’s welcome. Nobody’s perfect. Anything’s possible.’ The team here have been very intentional about crafting a message to a potential visitor to the church.

I love how when you scroll down the header changes colour

One of the highlights for me browsing through the site was the intuitive way this pop up window worked when looking for one of their locations. I love the way their service times and locations pop up and the way it all just seems to make logical sense.

You can literally see each location and service time at a glance. You can also see in a very clear way on a stylised map where the location are from a higher view. Nice work!


Footers can be after-thoughts in terms of how sites are organised. They can be where you put the stuff no one is really interested in.

I love how the team has added functionality again with a menu at the bottom to high traffic areas of the site. And the footer shares the vision of the church and shows a graphic of the latest sermon series.


Menlo Church