I’ve admired The Village Church’s website over the years. When I redid our church’s website I used some of the thinking behind how they had structured their site on ours. It just made sense.

The simplicity of the site is what first grabs my attention. The use of a high quality image.

The key message of ‘It’s okay to not be okay. God meets you where you are.’ Followed by the ‘come to a service’ and ‘see our belief’ I think this approach is really mission focused. The are are making visitors to their church as a the primary communication priority which I think is brilliant.

One of the stand out design features that I love about The Village Church’s website is the unique juxtaposition of the imagery and the content as a user scrolls down the page.

They haven’t just settled for a parallax view of a page, but used the key messages to drive the design of the page.

Community is obviously very important for The Village Church. What I love is that they just don’t have a summary statement of purpose. But they have actionable next steps to join a group or become a member.

Another key value at The Village Church is service. To be a part of the community means to contribute. Again there is a lovely shot of a volunteer who is serving. I’m so pleased that they haven’t used a Sunday service volunteer here. It would have been an easy shot to take. This image speaks authenticity and isn’t Sunday service centric.

One Church, many locations

The Village Church is a great example of a multisite church’s website. They have kept all of the global type of communication at the very top level of the site.

A user of the site can drill down into a specific campus page by the location. The advantage of this approach is that all of the local news, events and other location distinctive information is in one place. Where those who are looking for it will find it, and the rest of the site visitors won’t even see it which means they don’t have to wade through a mountain of information to find what they are looking for.

What I would change

  1. I love the fact that the church is visitor focused. However I would change the hero image of the guy being baptised. You actually have to be ‘churched’ to understand this image. An unchurched visitor wouldn’t understand this image alongside the key message. This image is suited more for de-churched or churched visitors.
  2. I would relocate the ‘Give’ menu item into the hamburger menu. It may be easier to find where it currently is, but the message it sends doesn’t work for a visitor. It says the church values giving over the other elements of its community (which I’m sure it doesn’t).

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