I recently came across this lovely church website from The Well Sheffield from United Kingdom. Their approach was incredibly simple, yet striking from a design point of view for their Easter branding.

Each one of the significant calendar days were linked through the design style of the branding.

Easter Landing page

Palm Sunday

Good Friday

Good Friday is my favourite to be honest. I love the connection between the rose and the Rose Of Sharon. In some Christian traditions the Rose of Sharon symbolises Jesus.

Easter Sunday

I love the fact that the flowers in this bunch haven’t bloomed yet. Almost that they are going to open up and bring the joy that a newly opened flower brings. Such a lovely metaphor for Easter Sunday.

Easter Review

I love the simplicity of the graphic design throughout this landing page. Ben and the team at The Well have done a superb job at visually linking each of the significant days in the Easter period.

The simple, yet striking motif of using flowers and palms to represent each day is stunning. Again, personally I love the fact they have used the rose as Good Friday. I don’t know if it was intentional or not but it reminded me of how Jesus has been described in different places as the rose of Sharon.


I interviewed Ben recently about his church website. Click here is what he had to say.